Pisco del Parral – Pisco Acholado 500ml

Pisco the Spirit of Peru

 What is Pisco?

It is a white spirit distilled a single time to proof from grape juice. Only the heart part of the distilling process is kept. The heart is considered the truest possible reflection of the grapes and the land where grapes were grown. This clear and easily recognizable sense of origin sets pisco apart among white spirits.

Peruvian Pisco can only be produced from 8 grape varietals Quebranta, Uvina, Mollar, Negra Criolla, Torontel, Albilla, Moscatel and Italia. Grapes must be grown in 1 of the 5 recognized Peru regions Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna.

Pisco is one of the most versatile spirits, you can enjoy it as an appetitive, in multiple cocktails, on the rocks or on its own.

Pisco Pure, is the pisco made from a single grape variety.

Pisco Acholado, is the pisco made from the blend of two or more grape varieties.

Fundo Pisco del Parral: Our story

Fundo del Parral Pisco is the result of the hard work and dedication of 2 Peruvian families: Candela and Rutté that came together in 2013 with the same vision to transmit the joy of our hearts and soul in a Pisco sip. The taste of Fundo del Parral Pisco is the full expression of our families passions.

Bodega La Palma located in Lunahuana, south of the capital Lima. This remarkable location is surrounded by the Cañete river, which is set in a stunning mountain valley known for its seasonal rapids.

Our grapes are carefully harvested and pressed in our artisan distillery Bodega La Palma. The fermented grape juice is distilled a single time through a drip to drip method in our 350 and 500 litres cooper alambique pot stills. Our master distiller gives all his attention and care, ensuring that only the heart, essence and spirit of pisco is captured to later proceed to a yearlong rest in stainless steel pots.

The key to Peruvian Pisco is the process, the intense attention to detail we put in our Del Parral pisco process delivers a premium pisco, unique for its clean aroma and taste, full of grape flavour and outstanding for its purity. Del Parral is a Pisco with the unique and magical taste of our Peruvian soul.

Del Parral artisan operation produces 60,000 litres of high quality Pisco per annum and our aim is to share this uniquely crafted beverage around the world to tell our story full of tradition and passion.

Food pairing:

Pisco sour and cheeses:

As the spring season approaches, it is a great time to enjoy some pisco sour. Very refreshing as the weather starts to warm up.

Pisco sour goes well with young crottin de Chavigno cheese as well as the traditional camembert. The fatty qualities of these cheeses are a nice counterpoint to the fresh citrus of the pisco sour cocktail.

Other cheese that work somewhat well with pisco sour are; a two-year-old Vieux Mimolette, a youngish Ossau-Iraty, and Livarot.

Pisco and food:

Some of our best picks are:

Quebranta pisco with ceviche (raw fish cured with lemon), prawns and garlic prawns.

Italia Pisco with seafood stir fry, pasta marinara.

Acholado with a wine braised veal.

Pisco for cooking:

When cooking use Quebranta pisco for try flambéing your meats or seafood on your stir fry.

Or drizzle a little Italia pisco over your dish before serving to add aroma.

NSW Liquor License number: LIQP770017200


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