Wagyu Beef Vietnamese Pho (Only Available for Friday Delivery)


Please note Wagyu Beef Vietnamese Pho is Only Available for Friday Delivery

(If you select this product for any other day than Friday for delivery or it is sold out via pre order, we reserve the right to remove this item from your order without further notice)

Wagyu Pho will be delivered as follows:

Single serve of soup stock in 1 small bowl

Single serve of Noodle and Wagyu beef (Smoked & 72 hrs Sous Vide) in 1 Bowl.

Basil, bean sprout, Lemon in 1 container.

Sriracha Chilli and Hoisin Sauce in separate container.


Serving suggestion:

Reheat the noodle bowl in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds

Reheat the soup stock until boiling hot and pour the broth over to the noodle bowl.

Add basil, bean sprout, lemon and sauces to your liking.


A perfect dish for late afternoon or dinner at the comfort of your own home.


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